Tomorrow, we choose to have defiant hope

19 Jan

When difficulties come, we have a range of options available to us. The extremes could be said to be despair on the one hand, and denial on the other.

But there is always another option – that of defiant hope. This a firm belief that – however threatening the storm may appear, however loudly the dog barks – good will never be completely beaten back by evil.

2017 will have its challenges, of this I am certain.

So let’s begin it by sharing our own defiant hopes, as part of the 20one17 project (see here for more details on that)


The concept is hopefully simple to both understand and engage with: on the specific day in question, do something creative and contribute it! Entry is free, and you are welcome to submit more than one item if you wish.

Your contribution can be as simple as a word or phrase, which will be compiled into a community poem soon after the 20th.

There are same basic rules:

  • Take a photo, paint a picture, write a poem or short story… do something
  • Items must be completed on the day (Weds 1st April 2015,local time)
  • Items must be emailed or posted onto one of the relevant sites within a week to be included (so by midnight of Weds 8th April 2015 UK time)
  • More than one item can be submitted by any individual.
  • There is an additional, optional ‘theme’: Defiant hope
    • Items submitted need not be linked to this,
    • There is no extra kudos for any that do.
    • Any link that does appear can be as tenuous as you dare…

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