onefour15 – a recap

9 Dec

For some reason, I can’t find the original post for the onefour15 project, so have reposted what I could find on the facebook page below. The suggested theme for the project was Fool but, as ever, there was no obligation to contribute something relating to that.

A poem by Amanda Holt:

My Day in Brief

I awake to the sound of birdsong.
The light of the day is just starting to appear through my window.
As I prepare for the day ahead a breathtaking sunrise catches my attention.
The glory of God’s creation is illuminated before me. I feel God’s presence, and in the comforting glow of the sun feel his loving embrace.
A new day begins, new challenges ensue, but I know that God is by my side.
As the morning passes, and the afternoon drifts away, and darkness slowly draws near, I know that God is with me, protecting me, loving me, and I thank him for the gift of life, for another day…

Some thoughts from Maria Parrado

Playing hopscotch on the platform, spinning around until I’m dizzy.
An ice-cream float in my Pot-Noodle and a banana with my chips.
Should that forgotten bit of tinsel stay up on the wall?
And totally perplexed at why a cheese and insect come together to make briefly… brie + fly? Just too weird.
Silly maybe, foolish perhaps, but a good day all in all.

A video from Pete Martin:


and some cracking photos:




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