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20one17: defiant hope

9 Dec

2016, for many, has been a dark year.

From the ever-expanding list of artists, musicians, actors and others who created beautiful things who have left us, to the seismic turmoil of Brexit and Trump, via the ongoing and multiple humanitarian crises and acts of war and terror that scatter the globe.

One of my friends asked people to share good things that have happened in 2016, which was a great start, but I wanted an opportunity for people to share their defiant hope as they go forward into 2017. Who or what gives you hope, for yourself, your family, the planet, the future – because of, or despite the ongoing socio-political turmoil we see every day around us.

20one17will be the 5th in a series of date-specific projects where contributions are gathered via social media and email.

Contributions are due by 5pm (GMT) on Friday 20th of January 2017 – the time Donald Trump is due to take the Oath of Allegiance and become the 45th President of the USA*.

If you have not taken part in a previous version, or just want a reminder, the other projects can be found here:




10eleven12(pics) 10eleven12(words, etc)


The concept is hopefully simple to both understand and engage with: on the specific day in question, do something creative and contribute it! Entry is free, and you are welcome to submit more than one item if you wish.

Don’t believe you are not creative – as you will see from past projects, contributions range from carefully constructed poems, composed music, and pictures taken from a mobile phone. The beauty is in the contribution, and how each individual item submitted interrelates with the others.

There are same basic rules:

  • Take a photo, paint a picture, write a poem or short story… do something
  • Items must be completed on the day (Weds 1st April 2015,local time)
  • Items must be emailed or posted onto one of the relevant sites within a week to be included (so by midnight of Weds 8th April 2015 UK time)
  • More than one item can be submitted by any individual.
  • There is an additional, optional ‘theme’: Defiant hope
    • Items submitted need not be linked to this,
    • There is no extra kudos for any that do.
    • Any link that does appear can be as tenuous as you dare…

There is also a FAQ page here

Watch this space, and get ready to play your part!


(* 20one17 is not making a political point about President-elect Trump, but we have chosen this time as it represents a moment in modern history that many will fear, and others will have great hope in)


onefour15 – a recap

9 Dec

For some reason, I can’t find the original post for the onefour15 project, so have reposted what I could find on the facebook page below. The suggested theme for the project was Fool but, as ever, there was no obligation to contribute something relating to that.

A poem by Amanda Holt:

My Day in Brief

I awake to the sound of birdsong.
The light of the day is just starting to appear through my window.
As I prepare for the day ahead a breathtaking sunrise catches my attention.
The glory of God’s creation is illuminated before me. I feel God’s presence, and in the comforting glow of the sun feel his loving embrace.
A new day begins, new challenges ensue, but I know that God is by my side.
As the morning passes, and the afternoon drifts away, and darkness slowly draws near, I know that God is with me, protecting me, loving me, and I thank him for the gift of life, for another day…

Some thoughts from Maria Parrado

Playing hopscotch on the platform, spinning around until I’m dizzy.
An ice-cream float in my Pot-Noodle and a banana with my chips.
Should that forgotten bit of tinsel stay up on the wall?
And totally perplexed at why a cheese and insect come together to make briefly… brie + fly? Just too weird.
Silly maybe, foolish perhaps, but a good day all in all.

A video from Pete Martin:


and some cracking photos: