12twelve12 – thank you!

21 Dec

Here are the photos, and written contributions for the 12twelve12 project. The pictures are presented in the order that they were saved onto my computer, (with the exception of the spiders webs, which I decided to bunch together at the start); the written stuff as the mood took me…

Copyright remains with the original author, (if you click on a photo you will be sent to a page where details of it can be seen). Please mention 12twelve12 if you share them.

Frozen Spider Web 2 by Chris Marshall Frozen Spider Web by Chris Marshall Frozen Spider Web by Emma Major Frozen Spider Web by James Edney Frozen Spider Web by Julia Benstead Frozen Spider Web by Mike Devine Frozen Spider Web by Robert Kean

All that labouring,
careful weaving and spinning.
creating a work of art:
at once practical and beautiful,
both kitchen and studio.
What do you think as you draw in silk?
Do you meditate on creation?
Are you making a statement with each knotted curve,
Considering infinite metaphysics, the essence of meaning,
Or the arachnid equivalent of shopping lists and school runs?
Either way, what must you think today…
Your web complete,
perfectly positioned to mislead the wayward fly,
the material so powerful, invisible, dangerous.
But today, beaten by the weather,
the early morning frost your only prisoner.
We, who see what we choose to,
marvel at the hexagonal impact on your masterpiece,
shards of ice stretching to the sun,
so brittle, so perfect.
While you must be fuming at the injustice of it all,
The fly stays at home,
reading his horoscope in the warm,
while your meticulous operation sits highlighted and clear
serving no purpose
other than as part of a social media based art project.
(poem by Andy Campbell)

Painted on 12.12.12 using 12 colours, in about 12 minutes by Andy Campbell Sums by Andy Campbell Ailse 12 on 12.12.12 at 12.12 by Andy CampbellReflections by Andy Campbell12 by Andy Campbell Tea on the 12th by Andy Campbell Writing Amnesty cards by Martin Mitchell Christmas Angels 12:12:12 oops 14:00 by puff_paddy semi Frozen Fountain in Welwyn Garden City 12:12:12:12:12 by puff_paddy Getting ready to make 12 Christmassy chocolate crackles by Tallulah Tangle Celebrating the creativity of life #14 by Deborah Reck

A poem I wrote to commemorate 12/12/12


(by Emma Major)

Celebrating the creativity of life #13 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #12 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #11 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #10 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #9 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #8 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #7 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #6 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #5 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #4 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #3 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #2 by Deborah Reck Celebrating the creativity of life #1 by Deborah Reck The nice warm W12 bus in frosty Walthamstoe by Tallulah Tangle Christmas Crackers (sparkle arkle) by Tallulah Tangle Frosty W12 bus stop by Tallulah Tangle Advent evening prayer by Sheena Williams


(Alison Summers)

An alien spaceship has landed? by Sara Betts Settling in for the commute by Sara Batts Frosty Shenfield approach by Sara Batts Jaffa by Trudy Smith Darkness Into Light by Will Taylor Bump Form by Jo Arkell Walton Lane by Wendy Moss

10 11 12 or 12 12 12
Into the stream of my consciousness I hereby delve
With thoughts of food and pangs of hunger ready to sink me under, but these carnal manifestation sensations I now shelve
With emotional agitation resultant from less than devotional investigation of pure historical opinion, this Degree is deprivation
Let the myriad plethora of cocepts and questions be quietened and calmed
Now burst through forth instead from within this head out the fingertip ends something else and creativity
Missed out on 10 11, but as sure as there’s a heaven and as certainly as we can’t work our way up there ourselves
So surely it’s worth stopping the study, suspending movement of mind and body, and spending a moment to mark the meek majesty of 12 12 12
(by Luke Briggs)

Berries by Emma Major Icy Spikes by Emma Major Thames at Sonning 12:12 on 12.12.12 by Emma Major A Sneaky Nightcap by Andrea Percy Loving Advent by Hannah Woods 23:12 on 12.12.12 by Daniel Sladen Frosted Glass by Mike Devine Nectarine by Hannah Smith Toddler Christmas Party by Sue Vallente-Kerr Lincoln and Back by Dom Withers %22Actually the idea had first floated into his head in the form of a vision%22 by David Butler


(picture by Gavin Beat-Box TyTe)

Staff at CMS by Pippa Soundy

Twelve rhymes from BBC headlines today…

Defiant North Korea in rocket launch success

BBC on the scene of Damascus endless blitz
Ground freezing fog disrupts UK London Flights
Lights go out – Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar dies
Frozen volcano erupts like Armageddon
Obama recognises Syrian opposition
TV Christmas lights switched on in 3D
The latest craze of a work-out? Campanology
Papers reflect on Britain’s changing look
Teaching teens to live without Facebook
Learn to how to draw like artist Quentin Blake
Search for life in an icy polar lake
Kraftwerk gig breaks the Tate ticket site
Grease’s Newton-John and Travolta reunite
The robot race is on to fix a nuclear plant
Government rolls out same-sex marriage plans
The end of the era for the radio prank call?
There’s a deadly shooting at an Oregon mall
For Donaldson and Poots someone’s putting the boot in
‘Stop your foreign meddling’ warns Vladimir Putin
‘I could hear women having their babies while I was losing mine’
The ups, downs and ups of BBC News online
Aussie parliament speaker’s charges are shelved
A wedding date to remember – twelve, twelve, twelve

(Gavin Beatox TyTe)

ET as Jesus? by James Edney Candlelit Dinner by Mike Devine Leaves at -4 degrees C by Mike Devine Sunset at Angel Of The North by Linda Hopkins Lollies by Jo Withers

12 things on 12/12
early rise
buy phone
book hobbit
gym workout
book izzard
do admin
summer heat
find organist
miss london
love sa
walk dog
friend’s party

(by Dave Meldrum)

One of Santa's Reindeer by Kay Gwilliams Maths at 12:12 on 12.12.12 by Ewan Williams Twelve Christmas Lights by Claire Cartwright Inventory of tools by Claire Besant Twelve Christmas Tree Decorations by Claire Cartwright Mulled Cider by Carolyn Heath Ringinglow by Nick Waterfield Hobbit Premiere by Amy Jo-Ann Romford County Court by Diane Gardner Bleurgh... by Frances Shoesmith Amber & Guinness by Martin Mitchell 12-12-12 13:13 by Ryan Cartwright Ker-ching! by Ryan Cartwright twelve x 12 by Ryan Cartwright View From The Office by Alex Rees St John's Church Communion by Diana Dingles Greenfield Advent Emails by Alice Smith 12 Legs by Philippa Leguen De Lacroix String Trio by Mike Hamblyn One Can Wish... by Daren Mountain Screen Capture by Craig Gilman My Husband by Alice Smith 12. 12:12. 12.12.12 by Louise Davis School Run by Will Taylor

A grandmother day yesterday, babysitting my granddaughter who was very, very good! In the train, going down to Kent the countryside looked absolutely beautiful covered with frost.

(by Sue Diplock)

12 chocolates left... by Sally Claydon Daughters Hair by Jules Middleton Toast by Jules Middleton 12.12.12. Sunrise With 12 Cranes by Daniel Sladen A Beautiful Day In Ooty by Yasmine Mohammed Swan by Simon Hawkins Big Victoria, Little Apostles by Victoria Swan Little Victoria, Big Apostles by Victoria Swan The twelve apostles outside the church of St. Peter and St. Paul by Victoria Swan All I want for Christmas... by Kate Bottley A Cape Town View Of London by Bev Meldrum Where we stay 12.12.12 by Jane Perry What a Gray7 #121212 color hex day by Craig Gilman

Here’s a little poem I recall that might be a bit appropriate for today:
“Tutu was a racing horse.
Wunwun was one too.

Tutu won one race one day.
Wunwun won one too!”

(by Andrew Musgrave)

A chaplain's office by Kate Bottley


(video by Simon Hall)

A Frosty Start by Shawn Moye Thirsty Cat by Mike Hamblyn Fir and Paper by Sarah Davis Advent Calendar by Jo Withers Take 2 by Martin Mitchell Half Way There by Will Perry Christmas Starts Today by Simon Hawkins 12 by Simon Hawkins Static 12 by Simon Hawkins 2012-12-12 12.12.40 by Caroline Butler Postmarked by Frances Richards A Rare Walk by David Butler 12 Malteasers by Helen Austin On The Way To Church by Sue Vallente-Kerr Wreath by Jules Middleton Working View by Steve Clough 12.12.12. by Jen Powell Storytelling by Bryan Thompson Noon ish by Penelope Swithinbank View From The Office by Bex Lewis View From The Study by Philip Ritchie Prescription by Frances Richards 12.12.12. from the 12th floor by Daniel Sladen Beach Hound by Rachel Pavey 12th Gift Wrapped by Sandra Sykes


also known as 12.12.12.


Thirty-six, nine, One thousand seven hundred and twenty eight,

amongst other mathematical possibilities.

A day of supreme significance,

as are all others.

This day, though,

we choose to mark with memory:

A noted activity, a reflection on meaning.





hours, days, minutes, seconds, no time spent.


We see frozen spiders webs

many of them

but so, so beautiful

and each a unique masterpiece.


Children distracted by Father Christmas and associated company,

adults distracted by sunsets and Jack Frost’s handiwork,

(and mulled cider).


Captured and cajoled by consumption,

we nonetheless escape briefly to the freedom of a pause:

to concentrate on breathing, being and becoming.


For tomorrow too

is another day of significance:

potential poised

existence examined

life lived

(by Andy Campbell)


Oh, and this should be added, I think…


8 Responses to “12twelve12 – thank you!”

  1. Emma at LLM Calling December 22, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    fantastic Andy, it’s a brilliant collection of life on that day, well done everyone


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