10eleven12 – the pictures

23 Nov

Please see below for the pictures from 10eleven12 – thanks again to all who contributed! I have attempted to place them in the order that they were received…

The images remain the copyright property of the original owner – if you use any of them please acknowledge both the originator and the 10eleven12 project. Thank you.

The written contributions (including some music from Kathryn Rose) can be found here.

Please also see here for a “video thingy-wassname” from Ryan Cartwright.

(ok, the poll didn’t work as planned – feel free to comment on your favourite below)

[edit – 18th Feb 2015 – for some reason most of the pictures below as originally listed are m.i.a. so I have added those I could find again at the very bottom…]

Hauraki Gulf, Auckland by Sarah Clare

although this picture was not the first submitted onto the site, it was the first taken.

Pumpkins by Ruth Calder Murphy

Narnia Cake by Ruth Calder Murphy

Back Garden by Dan Tansey

Breakfast by Dan Tansey

Cuppa by Ryan Cartwright

8:09 by Ryan Cartwright

8:09 10.11.12 Waiting for the daily squirrel + this weekend’s 1st @CatsProtection clip to load by Tallulah Tangle

Outside the window in the half light by Sarah Davis

Outside the kitchen window at just past 8am by Sarah Davis

The back garden from the kitchen by Pippa Soundy

The kitchen table, while waiting for the bathroom fitter by William Perry

Patio by Robert Kean

Folky twist to Blondie Talking Heads covers in Walthamstow Town Square by Tallulah Tangle

Scene by Steve Clough

My lovely girlfriend by John Burwood

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies by Tallulah Tangle

Making the mornings easier by Georgia Yam

2am Trafalgar Square by Andrew Butler

10.11.12 at 13:14 Wall art pic 1 : the Hoxton Hare that survived the council

For 10.11.12, Hoxton wildlife on the way to Ministry Of Stories: what does THIS creature eat?

Christmas cakes in the oven by Joyce Bellwood

Here come the girls! by Philip Ritchie

Footwear in Hoxton part 1 by Tallulah Tangle.

Footwear in Hoxton part 2: get yer flippin feet off the seat! by Tallulah Tangle

E17 Pop-Up Kitchen by Andy Musgave

Saying goodbye to his cot-bed by Sue Vallente-Kerr

Fig tree in fruit by Ramona Harris

CO1 waking up at 8:09 – Sara Batts

Alter steps at st peter’s – Sara Batts

Church fete by David Meldrum

Gracie by Lynda Gerrard

Bold tattoos in all colours by Tallulah Tangle

Low Flying Clown by Tallulah Tangle

#wunm event – Doncaster by bex lewis

Around the hotel by Mike Hamblyn

Sold by Lynda Gerrard

Gloomy day = Lego city by Rachel Pavey

Musical in a Day in Macclesfield by Wendy Moss

Central not-heating system by Susan Myles

Restoration – Rosie Tallowin

Comes with a lot of baggage by James Edney by Craig Mitchell by Craig Mitchell

Weston pier by Diana Dingles Greenfield

Temporary remembrance garden – Lou Henderson

Friendship by Jane Perry

Emma’s day bed by Emma Major

Rachel’s day bed by Emma Major

Leicester Just Fair Trade by Louise Davis

Autumn is here by Kay Gwilliams

Afternoon tea by Amy Jo-Ann

Mum and Daughter’s Day by Jo Bridger

Waterfall near Ilkley by Hannah Smith

Sky by Claire Gannon

Getting ready by Suzanne Wallbridge

Leg of feeding baby by Jo Withers

Getting ready by Shawn Moye

Breakfast for 13 by Frances Shoesmith

08:09:10:11:12, Slaps in a state of shock, because I’m up so early on a Saturday morning! by @puff_paddy

IDS by Diane Hackney

Retreat day by Nalini McMaster

Covadonga, Asturias, Spain by Olivia Mitchell

A cosy November night in by Lizzie Telfer

Saturday afternoon games by Jen Powell

Pretty Autumn leaves and rain drops by Diane Hackney

Looking for an answer by Diane Hackney

Free kick by Pippa Soundy

Bribed with grapes by Hannah Woods

My day by Victoria Swan

A day at the farm – Vic Moye

Journey home by Kathryn Fleming

Strictly come dancing and a Krispy Kreme doughnut by Miriam Reid

Watching the sun go down by Sandra Sykes

Littley Green Sunset by Sandra Sykes

Prayer Journal by Sandra Sykes

Prayer Journal 2 by Sandra Sykes

Cat cake – Trudy Smith

Face painting by Bev Meldrum

Expiring ikea mustard by Dom Withers

Family movie time by Kathy Graham

Please kill the band by Richard Green

My bags are packed… by Penelope Swithinbank

Pieces of pizza by Helen Austin

Building bears by Steph Mawhinney

Lunch by Andy Campbell

Marrying G & T by Sheena Williams

Birthday bubbly by Carolyn Heath

Sunset by Jane Perry

Late evening biscuits by Jack Wingrove

Black Books reunion by Dan Tansey

Pegs by Mandy Clarkson

Hallie by Mandy Clarkson

Lovely pink rose by Mandy Clarkson

End of my sermon by Pippa Soundy

Spoon fairies by Sarah Vallois

Bearhug by David Johnson

13.14 by Ryan Cartwright

Autumn Rose by Shirley Hanna

Bedtime by Pippa Soundy

Late addition by Claire Cartwright

Lego aided homework by Katherine Devine

Sunset over Sewardstone by Anne Hawkes

Let us not forget by Daren Mountain

Heathrow Terminal 4 by Liz Paxton

Watching the world go by Anne Hawkes

Life, the universe and everything by Mike Hamblyn

Dancing queen by Sue Wallbridge

Sunset over the Southbank by Shirley Anstey

Twickenham by Alison Summers

The oldest and youngest members of the family enjoy a cuddle by Esther Neave

A warm treat by Pippa Soundy

Cocoa by Ellen Hunt

Cuppa by Claire Cartwright

London alleyway by Jayson Darling

Getting ready for Kidschurch by Sue Vellente-Kerr

A walk in the park by Claire Besant

Sermon notes by Caroline Butler

Big City, Bright Lights by Mike Devine

The morning after the night before by Andy Musgrave

Autumn bonfire by Naaman Murphy

The Sacred is where the ordinary is splashed with colour by Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin

Cupcake time! by Rachel Pavey

Teamwork by Andy Campbell

Christmas decorations by Sarah Welply

Remembrance on the DLR by Mike Devine

Sunset from my back garden by Diane Hackney

Sunset in St James Park by Diane Hackney

‎8-9-10-11-12 by Mike Devine

Early in the morning by Andy Campbell

Leaf throwing by Ailsa Betts

Fiat 500, 5,000 miles at 15.00 by Daniel Sladen

Southern Californian autumn by Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin

A day in my life by Caroline Butler

London bus by Jayson Darling

Reflected swan – Simon Hawkins

New Zealand evening rainbow by Chris Young

Fireworks by David Froome

Please enter your pin by Deborah Reck

Hopefully the end result by Deborah Reck

Surprise 60th birthday party for my brother in law at Rugby, Warwickshire. Guests aged 82 to 1

Dancing to the Wii in pyjamas by Claire Bradshaw

A visit to the dentist by Sue Silwood

ailsa leaves ali s rugby amy jo-a andrew b andy m - morning andy m pop up k anne h anne h2 bev bex lewis caroline Butler lettes caroline Butler carolyn heath catherine d claire c ryan claire g clare c - mug clare d-walk craig m craig m2 dan s bfast dan s garden Dan Sladen fiat dan t bbooks daren m david j diana dg Diane H 1 Diane H 2 Diane H 3 diane h 4 dom ikea ellen h coco emma m emma m2 esther n old young frances S breakfast georgia yam hannah s hannahh helen a pizza jack w biscuits james e jane p friends jane p sunset jen p carc Jennifer H-Z clouds Jennifer H-Z jo w john b joyce b kathryn f kathy g kay g livvy m liz paxton lizzie t lou h louise d lynda g gracie lynda g house mandy c hallie mandy c pegs mandy c rose me - morning flowers me lunch me team mike D 8-12 mike d lights mike D tube mike h answer mike h girls miriam r naaman fire nalini nanna hanna rose penelope s philip r pippa garden pippa s bed pippa s fire pippa s footie pippa s sermon rachel p kitchen rachel p lego ramona h richard g rob k garden rosie t ruth cm naria RuthCM ryan 809 ryan cup ryan sandra sandra2 sara b sara b2 sarah clare sarah d kitchen window sarah d window sarah v myla sarah w sheena w wedding shirley a - sunset steph m steve c sue vk boy sue vk cross sue w - dance sue w - ready susan m trudy vic m vic s will p


8 Responses to “10eleven12 – the pictures”

  1. Diane November 23, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    Wow!! What a busy day it was. Far too many wonderful moments recorded here to choose a favourite from. Really enjoyed them all

  2. Mary November 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    They are ALL worth seeing. But what happened to mine?


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