10eleven12 – written contributions

15 Nov

Here are the various written contributions (where no picture was accompanied) for the 10eleven12 project, they are listed in the order they were received – copyright remains with the original author, please also mention 10eleven12 if you share them.

See also here for some fantastic music composed for the day by Kathryn Rose, and 3 whole blog articles by Nick Payne, Clare Alcock and Emma Major.

The poll thing didn’t work out – if you have a favourite, please note it in the comments 🙂

The pictures submitted can be found here.

Yesterday, and yesterday, and all yesterdays.

A chance to love a neighbour as myself.

The hope of eternity, the freely-given grace of God.

Today, and today, and all todays.

Half a soldier’s cloak for the poor man.

The charity of ages, the generosity of individuals.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and all tomorrows.

Dead in war: we will remember them.

Nations fighting, the sorrow of each generation.

(Andrew Johnson)

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the jungle;
If you hear a ooh-aah-aah sound
It’s ploblably a monkey!

(Becky Withers)

OK, maybe a bit corny, but I felt very emotional watching Daniel sleeping late last night so wrote these few lines this morning …

You’ll never know how many times I’ve stood and watched you silently;
Your rest is deep, your face is still, my soul is happy here;
Satisfied to know you’re mine, in peace perfection smiles.

Sleep returns your innocence; before me time unwinds.
I want to move and hold you, cradle you once more;
I hold my baby in my heart while watching from the door.

(Jane Kitson)

A whole blog post from Nick Payne, which can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/b7q4tjd

10.55am… and is peaceful in the house,

sound of 2 boys playing with cars…

it’s a delicate peace after a long breakfast standoff.

Wondering what the rest of the day will hold…

(Claire Stonier)

Sitting in a coffee shop on Northfield’s avenue…

working on my CV’s and looking for a new job online…

wondering what the future holds for me and for our family…

wondering how my son is doing as he spends the day with his grandma,

missing him so much!

(Marcelo Negro)

10.31am been in hospital this week. Sitting at home now, listening to my daughter giggling as she plays with with friends upstairs and the sound of silence on the baby monitor! I know I am very fortunate but I didn’t realise how lucky until it wasn’t there; even just for a short time. Resolving to live in the moment a little more, not be so worried about the planning ahead or the jobs list. Human Being.

(Alice Smith)

Off to sing at the cathedral

(Maggie Smith)

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(This was posted on the 10eleven12 page by Suzanne Wallbridge – I love it, intentional or not)

Been taking pictures for a collage all day for this on my (work) iPhone which has now reset itself… I really hope the pics are still there. Won’t be able to find out until work IT sees it on Monday. Certainly having a memorable 10/11/12 with a broken fridge, broken phone and a vomiting child!

(Dom Withers)

A poem – “Great Expectations”, by Emma Major, which can be viewed here: http://tinyurl.com/argmfsn

8- up early,breakfast ,dressed
9- leaving house soon for Church ‘All age’ meeting
10- meeting underway but I have no inspiration for it yet!
11- getting there,ideas flowing now, that’s more like it
12- meeting over, a happy ending 🙂

(Angela Kean)

It’s date night and we’re off to the Rose and Crown for a boogie.

(Frances Richards)

Playing the After Eight game.

(Simon Douglas)

Son to RAFHendon (cubs)
Daughter to swimming
Wife to church

Wash the bike
Fix the car
Party time
Prepare for tomorrow
Collect son from station
Party the second
Jellied eels!

(Ryan Cartwright)

For those whom we love who do not yet know you may they have a revelation of who you are.
For those who love you may they have a revelation of who they are in your love.

(David Johnson)

Today Annabel did her first poo on the potty. I think we are all better fro not seeing photographic evidence.

(Rachel Roger)

“Ultimately, questions about belonging lead us either to a view of solidarity and identity based on tightly negotiated interests in common, and often therefore to anxious and adversarial stance towards other communities – or to a view in which solidarity comes from a sense of living in a landscape that has its own solidity, it’s own dimensions in time and space…. Communities and societies that have a sense of who and where they are that is positive and internal to themselves will not need to reinforce themselves….by stressing who they are not. (Rowan Williams, 2012)

(via Jane Perry)

A day of friendship and community: Waltham Forest Women’s Network Health Fest – a good time had by all (including the children!). There were photos taken but I haven’t seen them yet.

(Sue Diplock)


The 9th is the anniversary of the death of my youngest brother; he was 16 years old.

A few years later, on the 11th my father dropped dead on the street, he was 61.

It’s thirty two years since my brother killed himself and anniversaries haven’t meant much to me in the past, but now I’m the only one, it seems important I remember, when maybe no-one else does.

I’ve never really believed that there is only one person for another person – that there is only one true love for anyone. Rather, I have come to think that it’s more about working at a relationship and that there may be a good few people who one could have loved and shared one’s life with.

But a new thought occurred to me today. My father left my mother alone: she was never in the slightest bit interested in anyone else. But what if my brother left someone alone? Certainly, there has been one less man to go around. What if that someone, I guess a woman, never found someone?

This was a new sadness; mourning the gap in someone’s life that my brother would have filled. And of-course so many people, most now elderly, very many passed away, are mourning the gap left by the loss of so many mainly men in war, it being Remembrance Sunday.

So I mourn and hope that someone somehow found another one without denying someone else. God, indeed love, is not a zero sum game: I know this. But we do leave a gap when we give up on life, and the love of it.

(Andy Dorton)

Having spent a proportion of my (42nd) birthday at 30,000 ft flying back across the Atlantic I have had a foreshortened 10eleven12. “Flying into the future”, as my girls described it, gave me the opportunity to ponder a few things about turning 42 on this day of Andy’s devising. I would like to say I was struck by something profound and meaningful about the world below me, but all I could think of was the entry for Earth in that other”wholly remarkable” book… Mostly Harmless. That and the fact that if you google the answer to life the universe and everything you get…42.

(Mike Hamblyn)

Sorry – no camera (kids), no phone (toilet), no internet (Virgin media) :o(

(Jen Mance)

The taste of night

fights with gunpowder
and frolics,
on my tongue.
Sight ablaze,
dazed by momentary fire-flowers
leaving ghosts of angels,
on after-image dark.
Squeals dance to death-threat detonations
and giggles ride the shock waves
left behind.
grinning ear to ear,
the garden
murmurs in its almost-winter sleep.
Seven years of children
whisper memories
and catapult the warm results
to willing arms.
Autumn sighs
and beckons,
showing me the colour
of seven years from now
and seven more
and on,
to Winter’s
The sky’s ablaze with fire-flowers
and Summer lives
in sparks
that fly
and I
am scattered stardust
in the night.
(Ruth Calder Murphy)
Remember the hour
When the guns fell silent,
Remember the day
When the truce was made;
Remember the weeks
Of waiting and groaning;
Remember the months
Of bloodshed and dust;
Remember the years
Of heartache and longing
Remember the decades
Of hot and cold ward;
Remember and ask
Does it have to be so?
Must remembering like this
Never come to an end?
(Stephen Wright)

7 Responses to “10eleven12 – written contributions”

  1. Stephen Wright November 19, 2012 at 6:37 pm #

    Submitted a few days late but written on the 10th…

    Remember the hour
    When the guns fell silent,
    Remember the day
    When the truce was made;
    Remember the weeks
    Of waiting and groaning;
    Remember the months
    Of bloodshed and dust;
    Remember the years
    Of heartache and longing
    Remember the decades
    Of hot and cold ward;
    Remember and ask
    Does it have to be so?
    Must remembering like this
    Never come to an end?

    Stephen Wright


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