A Day Captured

11 Nov

A day of reckoning,
A day of rest.
A day listening to children playing together in harmony,
A day of peacemaking when they forget.
A day at “Ikea’s house” – Småland and meatballs,
A day at a supermarket – post-Hallowe’en, pre-Christmas crowded insanity.

A day of drawn-out lunch, and rushed evening meal

A day of collapsing on the sofa to recover.



It was also

A day of friends old and new,
A day of updates and contributions,
A day being impressed.


It became
A day of thoughtfulness,
A day of spontaneity.
A day of pictures,
A day of poems, thoughts and essays.
A day needing much coffee, it seems.



A willing myself to get out of bed even though it’s cold and I’m tired day,

A sailing day,

A fête-ing day,

A ‘contributions welcome from both hemispheres’ day,

(And therefore a possibly more than 24 hours in a day, day).

A dew-speckled garden day,

A ‘wow – look at the sunset’ day.

A ‘here’s my sewing’, ‘here’s my daughter’ and ‘here’s the cake of a cat I made’ day.

A drinking tea with friends day,

A popping into the Pop-Up Kitchen, possibly for a Pop Tart day,

A quotes day,

A clocks day,

A spoon fairies day.

A cuddling a soft toy day,

A ‘who’s a pretty boy’ day,

A Lego and homework day.

A list day,

A prayer day,

A remembering to remember Remembrance Sunday day.

A breakfast with church day,

A bubbly and cake day,

A takeaway pizza day,

A late evening biscuit day.

A look at the beauty of nature day,

A look at me throwing the leaves around day.

A waiting for a plane day,

A making a bear day,

A writing a blog about Star Trek day,

A pointing at painted cows day.

A retreat day,

A night-out-with-the-girls day

A date night day,

A stay at home with a nice fire day,

A walk in the woods day,

A watching some wildlife day.


A day for all of the above, and so much more.


A day before,
A day after.
A day shared,
A day captured.




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