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FAQs – 10eleven12 projects

31 Oct

These FAQs are slightly updated for the latest incarnation of this project “20one17“. I have left the original notes in so people can see any evolution that has taken place over time…

1st time around we had 11.11.11 – which asked people to do something to record what they were doing at 11.11 on the day.

Then we had 10eleven12 – no time restrictions on that one.

Then 12twelve12 – no time restrictions, but encouragement to offer something around ‘the number 12’.

We had 11twelve13 – no time restrictions, but encouragement to offer something around ‘hope’.

Finally, we had onefour15 – no time restrictions, but encouragement to offer something around ‘fool’.

So, the clock is ticking on this one-day-only project.

I have been encouraged by a good number of people ‘attending’ theevent via the facebook group, but have had a few questions that have been asked by a few people, so here we go with the FAQ page:

1.  What kind of things are you looking for here?

Items can be pretty much anything you want. Obvious and relatively examples could be photo’s taken or poems written on the day, but some people have wondered about making something – such as a piece of art. Previous years have seen videos collated, music composed, and even cakes baked – it’s really up to you! 

The only qualifying criteria is that is has either been taken/composed/made on the 10th of November 2012, or is linked meaningfully to it   it should be linked to the number 12 somehow 

This time, I would like any images, poems, thoughts, etc to somehow connect to the theme of defiant hope – but you needn’t worry if you can’t manage that.

2. Does the contribution need to be submitted on the day?

No. The contribution needs to have been composed, taken, created or whatever on the day.

Photographs should be taken on the day itself (at either 8.09am or 1.14pm if you are being really clever – but any other time of the day is good too). This time, I am not choosing to restrict people to a particular day on which to create or capture their contribution. Instead I am asking that contributors submit their gift to the project by 5pm (GMT) on the January 20th 2017 – which is the time Donald Trump is due to swear the Oath of Allegiance and become the 45th President of the USA*.

Short pieces of written work – poems, reflections, short stories, etc – should be completed on the day

Longer-term pieces or projects – sculpture, knitted work, longer written work, larger paintings, etc – should either be completed on the day and a suitable recording submitted in time, or you may choose to submitted an unfinished piece of work as the item for this project – in which case feel free to link to a picture or website at a later time which includes the completed item.

3. Is there a deadline for submissions?

Please submit by 5pm (UK) on Friday 20th January 2017.

4. How do I submit items?

Items should be submitted via this blog, the facebook group event  page or email (please either DM the twitter account or comment on this blog with your email address to get my own)

5. Will everything contributed be published?

I reserve the right to withhold or withdraw any items that are deemed offensive, and/or fail to meet the criteria listed above.

6. Who will hold the copyright for the submissions?

Copyright remains with the author or creator of any item submitted, but I place no restrictions on the sharing of images and other contributions in this site – if you don’t want your item shared, don’t enter it.

I do ask that any sharing of the contributions or concept acknowledge both the 10eleven12 project and site(s) for the origin of the image, and where it has been disclosed, the owner of the item.

I also reserve the right to re-create in appropriate format any or all of the images and other items submitted, for example if the range and quality allows for this to be included in such things as the E17 Art Trail, other local exhibitions or similar.

7. I am interested, but would want to remain anonymous…

That is, of course, completely up to you. If you wish to be acknowledged as the originator of any item submitted, please make clear if you would prefer your legal name, a pseudonym or social media name, etc.

8. I am interested, but don’t feel I am very creative…


Creative is as creative does anyway. This is not meant to something for an artistic elite. Have a look below for links to a range of contributions made to a similar events I hosted – all of them fantastic, and most fantastically simple.

Even if all you feel up to is taking an apparently random photo of something with your phone, that will be a welcome and valued contribution.

9. I’m in – can I tell a friend about it?

Fantastic, I’m looking forward to your contribution.

Please tell as many people as you can, the facebook event  is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.


(* 20one17 is not making a political point about President-elect Trump, but we have chosen this time as it represents a moment in modern history that many will fear, and others will have great hope in)


some ideas from a similar idea

22 Oct

Here are a couple of photos taken by friends for my ‘Photo 11/11/11’ project last year, the rest can be found by following this link.

Welcome to the idea…

20 Oct

10eleven12 is a simple idea: To capture a bit of life on one day.

Using the UK date format (day/month/year), the 10th of November this year has a nice flow to it, and therefore is the date I have chosen.

Originally, I was going to ask potential contributors to be even more precise – taking a photo at nine minutes past eight in the morning, for example, but figured I’d be more likely to get interesting stuff if I let the whole day be the thing.

Contributions can be pretty much anything, within reason.
A photo taken, picture drawn, thought captured, poem written… the only specification is that it must be taken or created on the 10th of November 2012.
If you want to be clever, take a photo at 8:09 am or 1:14 pm, but you don’t have to try so hard – we’ll still love you

Contributions can be posted on this site as comments, or there is a facebook group here and a twitter account here if you want to send stuff.

Give it a go!